Rose Park Advisors

Rose Park Advisors is a boutique investment firm that utilizes Clayton Christensen’s research to make intelligent and successful investments decisions in a variety of markets.

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Founded in 2007, Rose Park Advisors is an investment firm started by Clayton Christensen and his son, Matthew Christensen, after years of successful personal investment.  Rose Park has invested in a breadth of companies from seed-stage start-ups to large-cap public firms, in various industries, and in various countries around the world.  Rose Park’s investment decisions are driven by Christensen’s theories in disruptive innovation and related fields and therefore invests exclusively in companies where Christensen’s research gives unique and differential insights to the investment thesis.  On the long side, Rose Park applies the disruptive innovation framework to identify companies whose strategy is well suited to take advantage of change and will consistently beat the market with superior earnings. On the short side, it identifies incumbent companies whose future vitality is threatened by disruptive attackers.  This investment strategy has enabled Rose Park’s portfolio to consistently achieve superior performance since its establishment.

Rose Park Advisors is based in Boston, Massachusetts.  Clayton Christensen serves as chairman, and is an active participant in the investment processes.  Matthew Christensen is the CEO and portfolio manager, and oversees Rose park’s daily operations.

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